Helping Business Owners Increase their Energy, Scale profits and Build Wealth.

This program gives you the tools to be a level 10 ENERGY in all areas in your life so that your business can scale and grow faster! When we are in a RYTHM with our health, relationships, purpose and spirit, our business creates MOMENTUM and SCALES!


What is getting in the way? 

How is your ENERGY level on a scale of 1-10? Are you lacking confidence and certainty? This is what will have a direct result on your business trajectory!


In life, we often find ourselves looking at all the things that are wrong, rather than celebrating the wins!

We forget to watch our routines, take care of ourselves and we end up losing momentum. When was the last time you reminded yourself to do that? 

Being in charge of your business isn’t easy!

Do you often feel discouraged because your business is going 'good' yet your life is suffering and you know that when you have a better Rhythm to your day, your business would actually pick up momentum and scale? 

Maybe you are struggling with finding the motivation to start developing
new habits or even breaking old ones.

All these overwhelming problems live in your head rent-free and stop you
from reaching your full potential
and changing the trajectory life.

With all that’s weighing you down, you forget who your authentic self is and you lose sight of your dreams.

Know that taking the lead in life and owning your shit takes guts, yet when you learn the skills necessary it gives you the power to create whatever you desire! 


You may wonder what is keeping you from moving forward in life and snapping out of the things that are weighing you down. You are not able to unleash your full potential and thrive in your life with your full potential. 

You still have a chance...

You can still invest in yourself and transform your life. Once you realize that for things to get better, you have to get better, your life will start to shift. 

When it came to crushing my dreams and achieving my goals, nothing helped me more than personal development courses.

Investing in yourself pays the best interest! 

What is Rhythm Nation?

Ask yourself:

Do you feel Unbalanced, Overwhelmed and looking to level 10 all areas of your life and build a successful business?

This is why I created a group exclusively for entrepreneurs to help them Find their Rhythm to Increase PROFITS!

A VIP membership where you can get access to all my business and life coaching programs, monthly live trainings and Q&A’s with me, and meet others on the same journey as you.

Ultimately, it gives you the structure and tools you need to increase your income while staying in Rhythm! 

Take control of your Business by starting with YOU!

Start seeing changes in yourself and feeling your Rhythm.
Create lifelong habits which will serve as a gateway to
accomplish your goals and live a life of abundance.

Get connected to your inner self and move confidently towards your future.

Learn how to manage your state and embrace the journey towards success!


"Joining The Rhythm Group was a no-brainer for me - Luke gives so much of his time and he’s a brilliant coach. "

- Tal Sarid, Digital Growth Consultant & Life Performance Coach

"Being part of Luke’s group keeps me around other business owners and like minded entrepreneurs whom I’m constantly learning from, and elevates the conversations I’m having."

- Shawn Keeper, Founder and CEO of Dunsire Developments Inc.

"The group bolstered my confidence, gave me consistency and more momentum.
Now I have another strong network and more resources to support me so that I’m not getting knocked from my center when I’m presented with new challenges."

- Steven J Levy, Solutionist

What You Get

  • 5 Step Process onboarding 
  • Wheel of Life Program
  • Life and Vision Process
  • New Programs every 90 days!
  • Monthly Group Call with Luke
  • Monthly Group Call with one of Luke’s Coaches
  • Private Group
  • Networking 
  • Community 
  • Every program comes with a workbook
  • Guest Speakers
  • Meditation
  • Bonus Content! 

Proximity is Power!

Start Seeing Results Today!


Find Your RHTHM & Create MOMENTUM!




- Access to ALL Programs

- Monthly Group Call with Luke 

- Monthly Group Call with Luke’s Coaches 

- Live Q&A’s 

- Private Group

- Workbooks

- Guest Speakers

- Meditation

- NEW Content Added Every 90 Days!





- Access to ALL Programs

- Monthly Group Call with Luke

- Monthly Group Call with Luke’s Coaches 

- Live Q&A’s 

- Private Group

- Workbooks 

- Guest Speakers 

- Meditation

- NEW Content Added Every 90 Days!


Move Past What's Pulling You Back!

By joining the Rhythm Nation you will get the chance be with other Entrepreneurs and like-minded people who are going to fire you up to keep going!

I have spent over 20 years in personal development being surrounded by the most influential people on the planet and I can't wait to share all of what iv'e learned with you.

With over $400k invested in business coaching and being alongside Tony Robbins for a decade which is priceless, I am confident in my abilities to help you succeed!

Today, I am making the road easy for you. Get the results you aspire for a fraction of cost and within less time!


Choose Yourself First

Imagine yourself next year, living the life you’ve always dreamt of because you had momentum in your business and found your rhythm?

How different will your life be when you take action today?

No more feeling overwhelmed just creating new habits to release your full potential?

Nothing will change if nothing changes!

Put Yourself First!

Make personal development and growth your ultimate priority to help you scale your business! 

Why It Will Work?

If you’re still hesitant to take this step, I totally understand. Often, when we’re trying to outgrow our present self, we feel threatened to move outside our comfort zone. 

When you don’t feel like doing something, that's the time you need to do it the most!

“The first step, however small, will give you the momentum you need to start.”

Once you allow me to guide you in breaking free from your limiting beliefs, help you get structure in your business and give you the tools to scale the faster we can get you RESULTS!


What Makes This Program Special?

Often, your success or failure is influenced by the company you keep. If you surround yourself with the right people, you will soar to new heights. Rhythm Nation is a community of like-minded people who took the decision to change their lives. 

If you are seeking new opportunities and you want life to open new doors to you, then this program is for you! Learn how to build the right flow and rhythm in your life and experience abundance and success.

Through Rhythm Nation, you’ll be able to share experiences with the community and benefit each other on your path to your desired destination.

Meet Luke!

Top International Businesses Coach, Keynote Speaker and the founder of The Rhythm Nation with over 20 years of experience.

Luke started his career building a chain of health clubs in the USA which lead to a multi million dollar exit.

He has gone on to coach CEOs, best-selling authors and high level entrepreneurs to help them scale their business, and live their life to the fullest using his wheel of life method.

Luke has spoken at over 60 Tony Robbins events including Business Mastery, Life, Wealth Mastery, Date with Destiny and Platinum Partner events.

He is also a 4x all American Collegiate Wrestler.


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